Bihar: Police seizes 27 liquor bottles in Gaya

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Police on Saturday arrested two persons with 27 bottles of liquor from Ganga Damodar Express in Bihar's Gaya station.

The accused have been identified as Sunil Singh from Bhojpur district and Bhuletan Chaudhary from Gaya district.

According to the police, both the accused were caught red handed with seven bottles of eagle whisky and twenty bottles of royal stag whisky at the Gaya station.

An investigation is currently underway and further details are awaited.

In the recent past, 12 bottles of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) were recovered from the government primary school at Pramod Nagar by Cherki police following a tip-off. This has sparked massive protest in Bihar's Gaya district.

The police arrested four school teachers, but set them free after a few hours.

The Bihar Government had instituted a tough prohibition law this year to prevent consumption of liquor in the state. Starting April 1 this year, country-made liquor was banned. Then the ban was extended to Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).(ANI)
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