Nepal facing 'technical difficulties' in holding two phased polls

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Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has admitted to technical difficulties in holding the May 14 polls in two phases and sought support from other political parties over the issue.

In an all party meeting yesterday, Dahal, the opposition and other parties lend support in passing the Constitution Amendment Bill tabled earlier.

Detailing out the technical difficulties, the Prime Minister said that on May 29 they have to bring the budget as per the constitutional provision as he expressed confusion over what to do about it since the first phase of election is on May 14 and second a month after on June 14.

"Should we hold the first phase election on 14th of May and go for the second? Then again a question arises over what to do with the vote counting? Should we commence the two phase elections and go for the vote counting for this political agreement is needed. On the three issues of amendment proposal, holding election and budget I request all the parties to co-operate," said the Prime Minister.

The main opposition party Communist Party of Nepal- Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) is against the holding of the election in two phases and claiming that presentation of budget between the two phases would influence the voters.

Leader of other parties, both the governing and the opposition, suggested Prime Minister Dahal to organize single phased polls and bring the budget after the completion of polls.

The government of Nepal is abided by the constitutional provision of bring the budget on 15th of Jestha (29th of May this year) which will collide with the second phase election which is slated for 14th June. (ANI)
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