U.S. mulling deploying up to 5,000 additional soldiers in Afghanistan

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The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan has said that the U.S officials are considering a further deployment of around 5,000 additional troops, even though the new administration's strategy for Afghanistan has not yet been finalised.

"General (John) Nicholson has made his recommendations to his chain of command and that is currently being discussed in Washington. We think it is reasonable to expect a decision from them sometime in the next month or so," Tolo News quoted Captain Bill Salvin, spokesman for Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan.

The Resolute Support said that unlike former U.S president Barack Obama's administration, the new administration would refrain from specifying a deadline for the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.

"Ultimately that will be decided in Washington what General Nicholson has asked for is a few thousands more troops so he can conduct his train, advise and assist mission below the core level and below the police zone level. So we essentially can train more people simultaneously and ultimately help meet the four-year road-map that president Ghani has laid out," Salvin added.

Meanwhile, Taliban announced the launch of their offensive yesterday under the name of "Operation Mansouri" and vowed more attacks across the country. (ANI)
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