32nd Mann Ki Baat: From Ramazan to Yoga, PM Modi's top 10 quotes

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From greeting the nation on the holy occasion of Ramazan, to reminding everyone about the upcoming International Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spoke to the citizens in the 32nd edition of his Mann Ki Baat address on a range of issues.

Here are the top 10 quotes from the Prime Minister's address today:

1. India's cultural diversity is her strength. 125 crore Indians can take pride that people belonging from all communities of the world are present in India: PM Modi

2. I said that during the holidays get out of your comfort zone, do something new. I am glad lot of people shared their experiences with me: PM Modi

3. Happy to see youngsters are taking interest in lives of our freedom fighters, who spent their lives in jail: PM Modi

4. Veer Savarkar's role in India's freedom struggle movement cannot be forgotten: PM Modi

5. Connecting with nature mean connecting with ourselves. If we do so, we nurture a better planet: PM Modi

6. Yoga not only connects our minds, bodies and our souls but also connects the entire world in one bond: PM Modi

7. Received a very interesting suggestion- since its 3rd Yoga Day, why not 3 generations of a family come together & practice Yoga: PM Modi

8. Swachhata has generated a spirit of competitiveness between cities. The Media has also played a vital role in furthering the message of cleanliness: PM Modi

9. Mann Ki Baat has connected me with every Indian, in a very special way.

10. Constructive criticism strengthens our democracy. It is a very necessary element in the formation of an informed and consciously developed nation. (ANI)
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