Afghanistan: 20 policemen killed in clash with Taliban

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As far as 20 local and national policemen were killed and six other were reportedly injured in clashes with the Taliban insurgents in the southern Zabul province on Sunday.

Reportedly, the clashes are still going on.

"The clash started on Saturday night in the Shajoy district of the province, after the Taliban insurgents attacked the district and clashed with police," said officials to Tolo news.

"The Taliban have taken control of Bolan Robab area in Shajoy where there are about 2,000 houses and insurgents started searching the houses and also raised their flags," the official said.

Bolan Robab is close to the district governor's compound and the clashes are still going on in the centre of the district.

Reinforcements have been sent from Qalat, the capital of the district, to Shajoy to support the local forces but have not arrived yet.

A local police force commander said on condition of anonymity that the Taliban have surrounded the local police forces in the Shajoy area.

However, no reports about civilian or Taliban casualties have been reported yet. (ANI)
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