Baahubali 2 vs 2.0: Forget box office clash, Rajinikanth and SS Rajamouli's Twitter banter is the best ever!

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There have been too many conjectures and speculations about Baahubali 2's box office battle with Robot 2.0. Ever since the Shankar film was announced, there have been discussions about whether it will break the pre-existing records set by Baahubali.

But with Baahubali 2 already inching towards breaking its own record and becoming the first film to cross the Rs 1000 crore mark at the box office, the discussions have only become stronger in media and film circuits. But is there any tension between the two film teams? Absolutely not!

At a time when SS Rajamouli's film is rewriting history, Rajinikanth who's known for his humble nature went out and sent out an extremely sweet and gracious tweet to Rajamouli. He called him God's own child. Rajamouli too responded back and their Twitter banter has now got the nation talking.

There's an instant camaraderie between the superstar actor and the superstar director. We hope they join hands for a film together soon. And also, this just proves that there's no bad blood between Rajinikanth and the Baahubali team.
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