Chhattisgarh Police arrest Naxals, recovers ammunition

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The Chhattisgarh Police on Thursday arrested a Naxal from Bastar's Tekari area and recovered 300 detonators, 150 gelatin sticks and four bundle cordex wires from him.

The police successfully seized all the explosive material. It is believed that the Naxals were planning to do something big with these explosive materials.

During a press conference in the local police control room, Bastar Superintendent of Police Arif H. Sheikh said that on the instructions of an informant it was revealed that two or three unknown persons have been seen in suspected conditions near Tekri's Jiram Valley.

After seeing the police, they tried to flee from the place.

The arrested accused, Dawood, said that the explosive materials were bought from Rahgiri, a resident of Mahbubnagar in Telangana state.

According to the Bastar Police, the explosives could be used to execute some unwelcomed incident, which is now destroyed by the police.

Earlier in the day, the police arrested 10 Naxals during a search operation in Sukma. (ANI)
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