Constructive criticism strengthens democracy: PM Modi on NDA's three years

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With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Centre completing three years of governance, the initiatives implemented and overall performance have come under the scanner several times, which, according to the former, is said to be a key to strengthening democracy.

Addressing the nation in the 32nd episode of his radio programme ' Mann ki Baat' earlier today, the Prime Minister was of the opinion that constructive criticism strengthens democracy, adding that for an aware and awakened nation, this churning is very important.

"There have been many surveys and several opinion polls. I see this entire process as a very healthy sign. The works done during these years were tested on every touch stone. It was analysed by every segment of society. This is a great process in democracy. I firmly believe that governments must be accountable in democracy and the public at large must be provided with report card of works done," he said.

Appreciating the intent behind the detailed analysis, Prime Minister Modi said it is important for flaws to be highlighted so that they can be rectified as and when necessary.

"Whether something is good, little less effective or bad, whatever it is, one has to learn from it and move ahead in life putting the learning from it into practice," he said.

Over the past fortnight, an audit and assessment of the performance of the present government in the last three years has garnered widespread attention across various media platforms.

While the opposition has openly criticised the Centre on their failures, some were of the opinion that India is seeing a fruitful phase under the governance of Prime Minister Modi. (ANI)
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