CPEC an existential threat to Baloch: Khan of Kalat

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Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood has said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an existential threat to the Baloch nation and its people and threatens India as well as American interests in the region.

Dubbing CPEC as a 'Chinese military project', Mir Suleiman asked the United States and the Indian Government to support an independent Balochistan and called on Pakistan to stop the genocide of Balochs. He said only independent Balochistan can help remove the threat of war to India from its western border.

Balochistan under Kalat was independent for nearly seven and a half months until Pakistani military forcefully occupied it on March 27, 1948. There was no annexation agreement between Balochistan and Pakistan.

He further said that the Pakistan Army invaded Balochistan at 'the point of a barrel'.

"The attack on the Palace of Khan of Kalat is proven fact that the occupation was forceful by the army," Mir Suleiman said.

"The Balochs will never stop pursuing the case of illegal occupation and human rights violations in Balochistan. The situation in Balochistan is deteriorating," he added.

He further said that 25,000 people are missing and over a million people are displaced.

"Pakistan's rule over Balochistan has never been legitimate, it has no moral authority and now it has lost control over Balochistan. The Indian, American, Afghan, Arab states and others should realize that the future is Balochistan," Mir Suleiman said.

"Mass graves have been found in Khuzdar Baluchistan and other places, There are other locations which we believe need to be investigated by the international institutions," he added.

Mir Suleiman said that the CPEC project is meant to fulfill the Chinese expansionist ambitions in the region.

Seeking an international intervention to end the occupation from the 'barbarian Pakistan army', Suleiman asked 'likeminded nations' including Afghanistan, India and Japan to declare Pakistan a terrorist state as Baloch are the victims of 'Pakistani sponsored terrorists'. (ANI)
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