Ericsson, Microsoft tie-up to accelerate IoT globally

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Leader in communications technology and services Ericsson on Thursday announced its partnership with Microsoft to further strengthen the global Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem by enabling enterprises to speed up the time it takes to launch mobile network-based IoT services.

The tie-up between the two will enable Ericsson IoT Accelerator to allow enterprises to deploy their IoT solutions using Azure, which connects them directly to the ecosystem of mobile operators using the connectivity management service delivered by the Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) which is part of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator, a cloud-based, horizontal cross-industry offering comprising platform services and near-product services for telecom operators and selected industries, provides a continuous incremental set of functionality offered as a service to enable agile creation and deployment of solutions for IoT.

It will allow telecom operators to design, launch and evolve managed IoT connectivity offerings towards enterprises requiring cellular connectivity.

However, it will also enable enterprises with full control and automation capabilities to handle the connectivity for their IoT devices.

"Today, enterprises are facing a major challenge of complexity in IoT deployment. By combining industry-leading innovation and ecosystems, our collaboration with Microsoft removes complexity and brings the possibilities of the IoT closer for enterprises everywhere," said Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Technology and Emerging Business, Ericsson, Niklas Heuveldop.

On the other hand Sam George, Microsoft Director of Azure IoT, Microsoft Corporation believes that working together with Ericsson will enable customers and partners to have more choices to control their cellular connected IoT devices.

Earlier, Grundfos, the innovative leader in water pumps was the first enterprise that had trialed the pre-integrated offering from Ericsson and Microsoft to manage their smart connected water pumps. (ANI)
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