'Every Person is Important': Nation tired of PM Modi's rhetorics, says Congress

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The Congress Party on Monday took Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 'Every Person is Important' remark, saying that if the former believes in it then he should first fulfill his promise of creating million jobs as promised in the 2015 General Elections.

"If the Prime Minister thinks that every Indian is important, he should start by giving jobs to young Indians which he had promised. He had promised to create a million jobs a month. Where are those million jobs a month? Where have the jobs gone? So, therefore India requires 12 million jobs a year," Congress leader Manoj Tewari told ANI.

Tewari further said that merely by rhetoric and shooting the breeze, people don't become important, adding that the condition of common people ingesting rhetoric had gone from bad to worse.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi said that new India is not about VIP but about EPI- Every Person is Important.

"New India is not about VIP. It is about EPI- every person is important," the Prime Minister said while addressing the nation through Mann ki Baat.

Speaking in the 31st edition of his monthly radio programme, he further said that people have developed a negative mindset for the VIP culture in the nation.

"In our country people don't like the VIP culture. I recently came to know that how intense it is. So the government banned the use of red beacon atop the vehicle of ministers no matter how prominent leaders they are," the Prime Minister said.

Backing the ban on red beacon, Prime Minister Modi earlier said that every Indian is special and a VIP.

Ban On Red Beacons Aimed At Ending VIP Culture Mindset has come into force and Ministers and officials in the Central government will not be able to use red beacons on their official vehicles from today.

However Red beacons will be allowed on vehicles dealing with emergency in relief services, ambulance and fire services. (ANI)
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