Facebook witnesses surge in quarterly profit as user base nears two billion

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Social networking giant Facebook on Thursday announced a jump in its quarterly profit with over USD three billion as its ranks of monthly users closed in on two billion.

The social network said it made a profit of USD 3.06 billion on USD 7.86 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, posting increased of 76 percent and 51 percent respectively when compared to the same period last year.

However, Facebook announced that its Mobile ad revenue was USD 6.7 billion, up 58 percent and represented approximately 85 percent of ad revenue.

The desktop ad revenue grew 22 percent despite a decline in desktop usage and was aided by a recent effort to limit the impact of ad blocking technology, which we began in Q3 of last year.

Facebook has created small business councils in the US, India, Brazil and Germany, to help small ventures from various industries share feedback and discuss ideas around leveraging technology to grow their enterprise. (ANI)
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