Fardeen Khan opens up about becoming a father again

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Fardeen Khan and his wife Natasha are expecting their second child. The star couple is currently based out of London. Fardeen is back in Mumbai on some work assignments, while Natasha will return to the city with their children after the baby is born in July.

Says the ecstatic dad-to-be, “I am on top of the moon. Natasha is five months pregnant and isn’t travelling with me this time around as it’s so hot in Mumbai and soon, the monsoons will be upon us. She will come after that. I visit India every three or four weeks and spend half that time in Mumbai.”

Sharing his experience of being a father to little Diani, his firstborn, Fardeen says, “To be honest, it’s the most profound chapter of my life and she has brought life full circle. You value everything that is truly important in your life. You are born to your parents. They bring you up and you love and value them. Then you have your own children, you realise what your parents went through, bringing you up and then you try and teach your daughter everything about life just the way your parents taught you.”

Fardeen says becoming a father is the greatest responsibility in life and adds, “If you are not ready for the responsibility, don’t bring life into this world. It is a big, big responsibility to bring life into this world. It’s not a whim or fancy and you have to be truly prepared for it. You have to make sure in whatever capacity you can, you give your child the best opportunities that you can. And more than anything, all they want is your love so you have to give them your time and love. Everything else is secondary.”

Fardeen and Natasha are naturally thrilled about their second baby. “Natasha and I have had our share of challenges and that’s why we have been parked in London and travel back and forth. We are over the moon. It completes our family. We have always wanted at least two children so it completes our family and we are extremely happy! We are happy as a couple, we are happy as a unit and even my little daughter Diani is looking forward to having a sibling. She’s right now in London but the minute we have our second child, we have to come back for Diani’s school year so she will be starting school in Mumbai from June next year. It’s home! Aamchi Mumbai! Living there has just been a temporary thing. We were here more to have our children as we had some medical challenges as a couple. Hopefully, everything will go well, and Diani will be in a Mumbai school by June next year. We have already started applying there. We are just going to be here till she completes her school year in London. The last three years I took a call to be a full-time parent but now I am beginning to miss the movies. I am missing work and I need to get back!” (DNA)
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