Former U.S. Navy Seal veteran reveals moment of killing Osama bin Laden

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Former U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 veteran, Robert O'Neill, who claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden, has now described the moment he took the al-Qaeda leader's life and the raid that took place in May 2011 at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Robert in an exclusive first excerpt from his book "The Operators" published in The Daily Mirror has described the moment vividly.

The Independent quoted him, as saying, "I turned to the right and looked into an adjoining room. Osama bin Laden stood near the entrance at the foot of the bed, taller and thinner than I'd expected his beard shorter and hair whiter. He had a woman in front of him, his hands on her shoulders. In less than a second, I aimed above the woman's right shoulder and pulled the trigger twice. Bin Laden's head split open and he dropped. I put another bullet in his head. Insurance," The Independent quoted the excerpt from his book published in the daily Mirror as saying.

He has also narrated the tense moments outside the compound after one of the helicopters carrying the elite Seal team was forced to crash land, and the team initially failed to break into the compound under the cover of darkness.

"As we entered, it was all dawning on me: 'Holy s***, we're here, that's Bin Laden's house. This is so cool. We're probably not going to live, but this is historic and I'm going to savour this," he said.

Robert said he had gone blank after firing the shots that killed Bin Laden, until one of his colleagues, arriving in the room told him that he had killed the al-Qaeda leader. (ANI)
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