Gujarat police seizes demonetised currency, arrests four

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Gujarat police Special Operations Group (SOG) has seized more than Rs 1 crore demonetised currency from a car and also arrested four persons in this regard in Bharuch.

The incident took place last night when the SOG was checking vehicles passing through Bharuch.

During the routine checking, the police stopped a white Fortuner with a BJP symbol. There were four people travelling in the car, which was coming from Surat.

During the search, the police found out demonetised currency worth Rs 1,01,93,000. There were 11322 notes of Rs 500 and 4532 of Rs1000.

When the police inquired the people travelling in the car about the money, they couldn't answer.

The police have taken the four persons into custody and seized the car and are interrogating them for a detailed information. (ANI)
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