Hyderabad: Abuse victim Haseena Begum freed from Saudi employer, returns home

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With the help of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, a victim of abuse returned to Hyderabad from Saudi Arabia after being subjected to over six months of torture by her employer.

The 46-year old lady, identified as Haseena Begum, travelled to work in Saudi Arabia on October 16, 2016. Since then, she was subjected to constant torture by her boss. She was even pushed off the second floor, which lead to both her legs being fractured and other injuries caused to her.

Following this, a complaint was lodged by her son Mohammed Wajid in the Begumpet police station, Hyderabad on March 31, 2017 under IPC Section 406, 420. After investigation, the police arrested two agents, who had allegedly taken money from her in exchange of offering a job in Saudi.

Recalling the atrocities she faced, Haseena said it was the police and hospital staff who helped her contact the Indian embassy officials and subsequently Sushma Swaraj.

"I had gone there for work, but was never paid my dues. My employer tortured me a lot and even pushed me off the second floor. I was lying on the floor injured for almost ten hours, but nobody approached to help me. My employer later washed off his hands from the matter saying he did not do this," Haseena told ANI.

"I appeal to the king of Saudi Arabia to seriously look into this matter since many workers are dying there and facing torture from their employees," she added.

After receiving a complaint from Wajid regarding his mother being stuck in Saudi Arabia, Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) spokesperson Amjadullah Khan received a video of a severely-injured Haseena, following which the Ministry of External Affairs was notified of the case.

"I sent all documents and the video to Sushma Swaraj, following which a report was filed regarding the same. The Begumpet police successfully established a link between the employer and the two agents who had taken money, thus leading to their arrest. I am thankful to the government now that Haseena is back home," he said. (ANI)
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