India to provide US $500 million assistance to Mauritius, signs maritime security agreement

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India announced a US $500 million line of credit to Mauritius on Saturday as the two countries resolved to deepen ties in a range of areas including the maritime domain. 

The two countries also signed a maritime security agreement after extensive talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Mauritian counterpart Pravind Jugnauth.

In a statement, Modi said he and Jugnauth agreed that effective management of conventional and non-conventional threats in the Indian Ocean is essential to pursue economic opportunities. The bilateral maritime accord will strengthen mutual cooperation and capacities, he said.

A total of four agreements were signed after the talks between the two leaders. "The agreement today on the US $500 million line of credit to Mauritius is a good example of our strong and continuing commitment to the development of Mauritius," the prime minister said.

The two countries also decided to ramp up cooperation in a number of areas including trade and investment. "India is proud to participate actively in the ongoing development activities in Mauritius," Modi said. (PTI)
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