Kabul: ISIS claims responsibility for attack on NATO convoy

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The ISIS-Khurasan, an offshoot of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group, has claimed responsibility for the deadly suicide attack that targetted a convoy of the Resolute Support Mission forces led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Kabul.

The group, in a statement, released in Arabic language, claimed that eight American soldiers were killed in the attack, reported the Khaama.

However, the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan said at least eight civilians were killed and 25 others were wounded in the attack, while the U.S. forces in Afghanistan said only three coalition soldiers were wounded in the attack.

"Today around 7:55am (local Time) an explosive-laden car targeted a convoy of foreign troops in Kabul police district 9,near the US embassy and Supreme Court," Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.

The incident took place when the coalition forces convoy was crossing the area located close to the U.S. embassy.

The attack by the ISIS on coalition forces comes at a time when U.S. forces and Afghan Forces have jointly stepped up attacks against the terror group and the U.S. even dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb GBU-43/B 'mother of all bombs' in the Tora Bora mountains tunnel complex in the Achin district of the eastern province of Nangarhar. (ANI)
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