My parents think I am absolutely mad: Randeep Hooda

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Randeep Hooda is one of the few Bollywood actors who crosses all boundaries to get into a film's character.

The ' Sultan' star currently sports a thick beard and moustache for his new film, Rajkumar Santoshi's ' Battle of Saragarhi', where he plays the role of a soldier, Havaldar Ishar Singh.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Randeep opened up about his thoughts on donning different looks.

"Look is a very surfacial thing. It is not actually what I aim at. It comes about as a by-product of what you have to be and I am more interested in the internal mechanism switch.. I do enjoy and that is my reward as an actor."

Interestingly, this isn't the first time he has gone in for an extreme transformation.

Be it 'Sarabjit', for which the actor earned huge appreciation for his physical transformation to sketch the real Sarabjit Singh's traumatic life, or his immediate next 'Do Lafzon Ki Kahani', for which he gained 30 kilos, the actor gives it his all.

The approach, however, is not acceptable to his family.

"My parents sometimes think I am absolutely mad!," Randeep told ANI.

"My mom left the house while I was doing 'Sarbjit' and said, 'I don't want to see you like this', and while I was shooting for ' Do Lafzon Ki Kahani', my dad was like 'You always keep eating'. So it's the inner turmoil basically. If you're too set in your life and don't have that streak in you, I don't think you'd be able to change yourself. It's maybe borderline schizophrenia!," added the 40-year-old.

The actor, who co-owns Body Building India (BBI), the largest fitness and supplements company in the country, was recently present in the National Capital to launch ' Gym 99', a unique concept of pay and play, for the first time in India.

Talking about why it's important for everyone to stay fit, the 'Highway' star said, "A fit body is very important for a fit and a healthy mind and also for body imaging. In today's time, there are lots of cases of depression which we are finally recognizing in India, and having good nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle and exercising can help you with that as well. It's very much related to mental health." (ANI)
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