Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case | Juvenile Mohd. Afroz living the quiet life as a cook in dhaba in South India

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The juvenile (Mohd. Afroz) who managed to not face any punishment because of his age is working as a cook in a dhaba in south India, it has been revealed.

The juvenile (Mohd. Afroz), who is now aged 23, is unaware of the Supreme Court’s development, and is reportedly leading a ‘good life’, a Hindustan Times report said. .

NGO officials, who were part of his rehabilitation process, said that he was always worried about getting lynched, which is why he was relocated to South India. In fact, the NGO added that his employer had no idea about his past.

Mohd. Afroz ran away from his village, 240 km from Delhi, when he was 11. His elder sister single-handedly fends for the family of six — ailing mother, younger siblings and bedridden father. The family still lives in the same village.

In Delhi, Mohd. Afroz met Ram Singh and the other accused in the case. He would clean the bus in exchange for a meal, the report added.

Although he has moved to South India, intelligence bureau still keeps a watch on him.
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