'Not Islamic': Bhutto's daughter Bakhtawar B-Zardari slams bill forbidding public eating during Ramzan

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Twitter to express her outrage over Ehtram-e-Ramazan (Amendment) Bill which prohibits eating and drinking in public during the month of Ramazan and even threatens imprisonment for offenders.
In a series of tweet, Bakhtawar said, "People are going to die from heat stroke and dehydration with this ridiculous law. Not everyone is able. This is not Islam."

"But not every1 in Pak will be fasting -children in school/elderly/people with medical problems. Should we arrest them 4 drinking water"

Earlier this week on Wednesday, the Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs unanimously approved the Ehtram-e-Ramazan (Amendment) Bill, 2017 under which people who will smoke or eat openly during Ramazan will be fined Rs500 along with 3-month imprisonment. TV channels or cinema houses that violate the law will be fined Rs5,00,000 or more. (ANI)
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