Once 'world's heaviest woman' Eman Ahmed to fly to U.A.E tomorrow

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Once known as the world's heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed, is set to be discharged from the Saifee hospital here tomorrow and be shifted to the Burjeel Hospital in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Eman is "stable, in good health & fit to fly", said the e-mail issued by the VPS Burjeel Hospital to Saifee Hospital COO Huzefa Shehabi.

Today the team of doctors from Saifee will brief the patient's relative and the team from VPS Burjeel about Eman's current medical status.

Earlier Eman Ahmed's sister Saimma Selim had alleged that Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, who has been treating the former, was not correct about his updates on Eman's health and recovery status, adding that her sister has not recovered at all.

"Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala is a liar and is not giving right/factual updates about Eman's recovery. Eman has not recovered one bit," Saimma had said.

However, when ANI approached Dr. Lakdawala to know the other side of the story, he denied all allegations leveled against him by Saimma.

In fact, the doctor said that Eman was doing well.

Turning the tables, the doctor also said Saimma was creating a scene because she does not want to take her sister back to Egypt due to financial reasons.

"Eman is fine and is doing good. She has recovered well and only a CT scan is to be done to ascertain her neurological condition.

"Actually, everything was right with Saimma for the initial 15 days after Eman's treatment started, but when she recovered and we suggested that she can be taken back to Egypt, Saimma started to create all this drama as she doesn't want to take her sister back to Egypt due to financial reasons," he told ANI.

On April 21, 36-year-old Egyptian Eman Ahmed, who was the heaviest woman in the world at 500-plus kilograms, had lost 250 kilograms in two months after undergoing surgery here at Saifee Hospital. (ANI)
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