OyeKidhar launches App to live track food, transport

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OyeKidhar.com, a Mumbai based startup recently unveiled its delivery apps to help people live-track food delivery from the local restaurant. No more Oye Kidhar hai!

Introducing the Free OyeKidhar apps, a nuanced perspective of how we can live-track say, kids traveling by the school bus, our office commute, or an important delivery being done. It can also be used to track little kids when they are out of our sight.

OyeKidhar is a handy app for you, if you travel for work / meetings, have a driver, if your kids go by the school bus and if you get your orders delivered home.

The OyeKidhar app is free to download from the Playstore, has no annoying advertisements and is completely automated, hence easy to use. All you must do is open the app and all the people who have assigned you to track them along with all the vehicles assigned for you to track (personal cars, bikes, cabs, school buses, food delivery and office commute) will pop up for the time you are authorized to track them on the map.

At OyeKidhar, your privacy is taken very seriously and you can only be tracked when you authorize the tracking.

The OyeKidhar app, also has a bunch of handy and safety features included. For example, notifications when you order a meal or receive a courier - there is no ambiguity if the parcel has left for delivery; you can live track the parcel till your door bell rings.

OyeKidhar solutions are very affordable and useful for businesses that handle logistics from schools, restaurants who deliver meals home, corporate commute, people in the courier vertical, etc., as OyeKidhar solutions help the businesses to manage(including live tracking) their assets.

Free trials of the OyeKidhar delivery app are available for Restaurants, Groceries and other stores that undertake home deliveries. You can connect with the OyeKidhar team to try their delivery and logistics solutions anywhere in India and if you are satisfied then continue using the Oyekidhar solutions.

OyeKidhar.com, wants that your business focuses on its core activities and you do not spend time and money answering calls on the status of your services. (ANI-Newsvoir)
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