Pakistani national living in Iskcon temple detained from Haryana’s Bahadurgarh

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A Pakistani national living as a Sadhu in Iskcon temple in the Delhi-Haryana border town of Bahadurgarh was taken in police custody on Thursday evening.

Sources said the police have recovered a Pakistani passport from him in which his name has been mentioned as Raja, a resident of Hindu Colony in Larkana, Pakistan. He had come to Indian in 2013, and his visa has expired. He has allegedly been living in the temple from past few months.

The police said they have recovered an Aadhar card and a PAN (permanent account number) card from him in which he has a different date of birth from his passport, and his name is changed to Raasraj Das Rajput. Jhajjar SP Satheesh Balan said the Indian documents proofs are original, but they are probing how he managed to get them.

A Pakistan passport has also been seized from him, where his name is reported as Raja.

His passport has a visa stamp of republic of India, holding validity of 33 days.

Rasraj or Raja who's birth date as per his passport is January 1, 1978 was living in here with an Indian Adhaar card and pan card, where he had reported his birth date as 13 march 1987.

The Pakistani national even holds a voter ID of Delhi's Chhalwa town.

While being taken away, the man told the local media that he’s a Hindu who wants to continue living in India.

The SP said further investigation was being conducted by the Inelligence Bureau. “No case has been registered. The investigation is going on,” he said.
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