Pokkt's SDK version 6.0 to enable in-game branding

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Mobile video advertising platform Pokkt on Friday announced the rollout of its Software Development Kit (SDK) version 6.0, containing a set of state-of-the-art software development tools that will assist game developers in seamlessly integrating in-game branding into their gaming apps.

With in-game branding, advertisers can enhance brand visibility in a non-intrusive and organic manner to capture greater consumer mindshare. Game publishers, on the other hand, can drive better revenues without hampering the overall user experience.

With the launch, the platform aims to provide advertisers and marketers with a new channel for pushing completely native, non-intrusive ads. This will not only help them in creating greater brand salience, but will also allow them to drive better engagement with end-users. Game developers and publishers are also set to benefit from the radical monetisation opportunity that this development heralds.

"Video ads launched at inopportune times during mobile-based gameplay break the engagement with the end-user and make mobile gaming a very fragmented experience. This fragmentation is what we are addressing with the launch of our latest SDK," said a Pokkt spokesperson.

Pokkt's in-game ads are extremely unobtrusive and can be conveniently integrated in the game by developers with only three lines of code. To enable in-game advertising, Pokkt utilises in-game elements like props, items, and decals which do not directly interact with the game play.

Developers retain complete control over the choice of in-game elements which they want to use for branding, allowing them to choose the most optimal placement for brand ads. (ANI)
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