Railway Ministry confirms no casualties in Unnao derailment

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Railway Ministry spokesperson Anil Saxena on Sunday confirmed that no casualties or injuries were reported, after the derailment of Lokmanya Tilak train earlier in the day.

"The derailment happened at the Unnao Station, which is between Kanpur and Lucknow. The medical team, ambulances and facilities for refreshments have been provided there. No casualties or injuries have been reported. The situation is under control. The General Manager of Northern Railways is reaching the site," Saxena said.

He also assured that trains and buses were arranged for the passengers and some routes between the Kanpur and Lucknow were diverted in order to avoid any problems.

"Trains and buses have been arranged for the passengers. Some trains are diverted from their particular route in order to avoid any problems," he added.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Squad ( ATS) team has left to launch a probe into the incident. (ANI)
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