Rejecting 'immoral' triple talaq, Swamy stands for equal rights

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Supporting Union and Broadcasting Minister M. Venakaiah Naidu's opinion on abolishing the Triple Talaq norm among the Muslims, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday said women and men in the nation have equal rights, adding the notion of this controversial divorce practice is immoral.

"Triple Talaq is not there in Quran. Shariat is a law which can be changed. But I go more by our Constitution where Article 25 says that the practice of religion must confirm to morality, public order and health," Swamy told ANI.

He further said that Triple Talaq is certainly immoral.

"The fact that a woman can be divorced by a WhatsApp message or SMS by just saying 'Talaq' three times is ridiculous. We cannot accept that," he added.

He asserted that women and men in India have equal rights under the Constitution.

"This is not only about one particular religion as when in Sabarimala temple women were not allowed to enter we condemned that also," he said.

Naidu while re-iterating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal to not politicise the issue of triple talaq yesterday asserted that the controversial practice had no sanction in Shariat.

"Triple talaq is a matter of right of equality and right of women to live with dignity. It should not be politicised. I appeal to all political parties to take a resolve to put an end to negative politics," he said, while addressing a press conference in Hyderabad.

Prime Minister Modi earlier on Saturday appealed to the Muslim community to find for proper solution to end the practice of triple talaq.

Addressing the Basva festival, he told the media, "I believe people from Muslim community would come up to solve the issue of triple talaq and act as savior to the Muslim women in this crucial period."

He further went on to say that there should be no discrimination in the country, adding that ' Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' was the motto of his government and it would fulfill the promises made to the people without any discrimination. (ANI)
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