RJD leader Bhai Birendra flouts PM's order, refuses to remove red beacon

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While most of the ministers across the nation have already removed the red beacon atop their vehicles following the Centre's ruling, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Bhai Birendra yesterday said that he will not remove the beacon from his car as the order is not by the Bihar government.

"Which cabinet decided this? Why Bihar will follow any decision by the Delhi Cabinet. If our Bihar state government will pass this order then only we will follow the rule. I won't remove the red beacon from my car," RJD leader Bhai Birendra told ANI.

The government banned the use of red beacon on vehicles attached to dignitaries, including the central and state ministers and other VVIPs from May 1.

It is reported that five categories would be allowed to use the red beacon- President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The ban applies to union ministers, chief ministers, state cabinet ministers, bureaucrats and judges of the High Court and Supreme Court.

On last Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that new India is not about VIP but about EPI- Every Person is Important.

Speaking in the 31st edition of his monthly radio programme, he further said that people have developed a negative mindset for the VIP culture in the nation.

"In our country people don't like the VIP culture. I recently came to know that how intense it is. So the government banned the use of red beacon atop the vehicle of ministers no matter how prominent leaders they are," the Prime Minister said.

Backing the ban on red beacon, Prime Minister Modi earlier said that every Indian is special and a VIP. (ANI)
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