Satyendra Jain declared Rs 16 crore black money : Kapil Mishra

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Sacked Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra on Tuesday launched another series of scathing attack on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain, and AAP leader Sanjay Singh.

Addressing a press conference here, Mishra claimed that Jain's company declared black money worth Rs 16 crore under the government's scheme.

"Now, it is in public domain that under the scheme to disclose black money one company of Delhi Minister Satyendra Kumar Jain declared black money worth Rs 16 crore. How much black money did Jain, and his wife declare under the scheme has not come into public domain," said Mishra.

He mocked that Kejirwal had given clean chit to Jain by saying that he is honest.

"I want to ask when Kejriwal had given certificate of honesty to Jain then how did his minister declare the black money. Did he know about Jain's black money or not," questioned Mishra.

Countering AAP leader Sanjay Singh's allegation that Mishra lied on high security registration plates, the sacked minister flashed a file and said, "This file contains all the proofs and I will hand it over the Anti Corruption Bureau. "

He said one important proof is a government committee report on high security registration plate during the first AAP government in Delhi.

"The committee report said the High Security Registration Number Plates are of low quality and its supply should be stopped immediately," said Mishra.

Will now Kejriwal speak or continue to keep mum," said Mishra.

He said when hawala connection is being established in AAP's donations, foreign tours, and in the letter of Hemprakash then Arvind Kejriwal should rename himself as Arvind Hawala Kejriwal. (ANI)
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