West Bengal: Left protesters clash with police, demand food security

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The clashes between the Left-wing protestors with the West Bengal Police, during the 'Nabanno Abhijan' march, turned violent on Monday.

The protestors were demanding a fair price for farmer's produce, food security and the maintenance of communal harmony and the rights of people in the state.

A CPM farmer wing All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) had given a call to organise a ' Nabanno Abhijan' march to raise pro-farmer demands.

Later on, the farmer wings of other Left parties joined the protest.

Reportedly, the Left workers plan to conduct rallies from five strategic locations - Rani Rashmoni Avenue, PTS, and the Kidderpore Market in Kolkata and from Santragachi and the Howrah Rail Museum in Howrah. (ANI)
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