Women activists corner Yogi Govt. in wake of Rampur, Kushinagar incidents

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Berating two dastardly incidents of the Uttar Pradesh's Rampur and Kushinagar districts, women activists on Sunday attacked the newly formed BJP Government in the state, saying Uttar Pradesh has become an epitome of lawlessness where criminals roam free.

Brinda Adige, a woman activist told ANI, "It is very shameful and unfortunate that such incidents are occurring pan India frequently. On one hand all the politicians, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, talks about 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' and on other hand, such hideous episodes take place. There's no 'Beti Bachao', only police, kursi or suspension bachao.' I fail to fathom on what premises has the rape accused been granted bail? On what grounds can the police give directions and free the culprit. Is the torture and torment by a man on a rape victim and her family just a small issue for the law enforcement?"

Endorsing similar views another woman activist Shamina Shafiq blamed it on the judicial mechanism of the country.

Shafiq said, "Perpetrators are emboldened. The procedure after filing a chargesheet is so time consuming and lenient that rapists know they stand a chance to go scot free on bails. No protection is provided to the victims. Uttar Pradesh is epitome of lawlessness, where, criminals roam free. I have seen the video myself. How can boys summon so much of nerves to molest women publicly and pass lewd comments on them? Where is the state's 'Mahila Ayog'? I doubt if it really is existent."

She urged the Centre to hold the Uttar Pradesh Government accountable.

These remarks came in the light of the Rampur incident where, a video of two girls being molested openly by a group of young men, has taken social media by storm.

Around 12 to 14 boys can be seen in the video, molesting the women, even while they pleaded to let them go. Besides manhandling and molesting the girls, the boys were laughing and making jokes the whole time, while the distraught girls kept on begging to be spared.

Adding to the wrath is the Kushinagar incident where a rape-accused, who was bailed from his prison term for his dastardly crime, went straight to his victim's house after his release and threatened her with dire consequences. The accused was arrested in 2016 and was granted bail by a court in March this year.

Reportedly, the police are also not enquiring into the matter and the family is now requesting the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh Government to do the needful.

However, the police have claimed to have made the required proceedings in this matter and have assured they will take necessary steps regarding the threatening of victim and her family. (ANI)
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