Yogi Adityanath: A firebrand leader and an animal lover

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath started his Sunday with his ritualistic practice of feeding cows and calves in the cowshed of his parliamentary constituency Gorakhpur.

For over two decades, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has devotedly observed the practice of feeding the cows. According to him, the cows recognise him and he has given special names to some of them.

The Chief Minister has spearheaded the movement of protecting the cows in the country by putting a blanket ban on illegal abattoirs in the state. A gaushala at the Gorakhnath temple, where he is the head priest, 'protects' 500 cows.

But when it comes to animals, his love isn't just restricted to cows.

The love extends to dogs too and the usual recipient of that is his pet 'Kallu'.

When Adityanath is in Gorakhpur, he spends time with Kallu whenever he finds time from his busy political schedule.

The social media is also seen in awe of the firebrand showing his softer side and big heart, that is, when it comes to Kallu.

On Sunday, after he returned home post the numerous rallies he held in his constituency, the familiar Kallu was waiting for his master. And the master didn't disappoint him.

The Adityanath and Kallu reunion gave the social media a million reasons to hold the UP Chief Minister in admiration, yet again.

Recently, a photo of Adityanath feeding milk to a tiger cub also went viral.

His aides in the Gorakhnath temple said the cub was found roaming near an ashram in Tulsipur, in Balrampur district near the India-Nepal border, about 150 km from Gorakhpur.

Adityanath used to feed the cub with a milk bottle whenever he visited the ashram. The cub was kept in the ashram for a few months and later handed over to the forest department for rehabilitation.

Reports also say that many of his favourite cows will soon be shifted to his sprawling 5-Kalidas Marg residence in Lucknow.

Earlier talking to media, Adityanath had said, "Cows are also required in religious rituals of the Hindus. Cowsheds will be promoted in all the districts. The central government is also promoting cowsheds in UP and other states. We will take assistance of the central government in setting up cowsheds and dairies."

When Adityanath was ascended to the throne of Uttar Pradesh, the firebrand leader in him reeked of his sagacity as a Hindutva crusader, but a month into his Chief Ministership, with the visibility of his love for animals, he has certainly shown himself to be an interesting choice for the coveted designation in a state that, along with the religious diversity, boasts of a variety of wildlife. (ANI)
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