Rajkot: Women, children to create record in 'Aqua yoga'

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Ahead of the International Day of Yoga celebrations on June 21, over 1,000 children and women will take part in 'Aqua yoga' to create a new record here.

A group of children and women have been practicing since last month and will attempt to create a new record tomorrow.

Speaking to ANI, Yoga expert, Aarti Mandalia said, "Aqua Yoga in Rajkot will raise the bar and create a new record in the world. We will be putting together five swimming pools where the women and children will be participating for the event".

A participant Prachi Mirani said aqua yoga is easy and it builds stamina as well.

"A total of 45 to 50 minutes of Yoga session will be done tomorrow in water to create a new record. 'Aqua yoga' is easy, as it increases your stamina and brings you peace of mind," Mirani told ANI.

Practicing ahead of the big day, participants stood in neck-high water as they performed various asanas or yoga postures.

Aqua yoga is said to help one gain strength and balance and is known to burn more calories than a regular yoga session.

A session in Vadodara saw nearly 300 people, including participants from abroad, perform 108 ' Surya Namaskars' (sun salutations).

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared June 21 as International Day of Yoga by consensus after adopting a measure proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (ANI)
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