Taslima Nasreen gets Indian visa extended

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Controversial and exiled author Taslima Nasreen on Tuesday got extension of her Indian visa. Home Minister Rajnath Singh extended Nasreen's visa till July 22, 2018.

She has been holding an Indian visa since 2004 which is being extended.

Nasreen adopted Swedish citizenship after she was forced to leave Bangladesh in 1994 due to the radical Islamists' threat.

The publication of her 1993 novel Lajja (Shame) changed her life and career dramatically.

Nasreen suffered a number of physical and other attacks following the publication of Lajja. She had written against Islamic philosophy, angering many Muslims of Bangladesh.

The exiled author has also lived in the United States and Europe for many years.

On many occasions, Nasreen expressed desire for permanent Indian citizenship. (ANI)
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