Hate Story actress Bhairavi Goswami calls Kriti Sanon a deranged woman with ‘no headlight, no bumper’

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Kriti Sanon must be having second thoughts about doing that promotional video for Mubarakan, where she was seen dancing alone to one of the songs from the movie. Though it was a sweet gesture on her part, there has been some ridicule by a few Twitter users for the way she was dancing. 

Prominent among those was the self-obsessed…I mean, self-confessed critic and popular Twitter troller Kamaal R Khan aka KRK, who had tweeted her video with the caption, ‘Ye Dekho Kiriti Bechari, Raabta Ke flop Hone Ke Baad, mentally disturb Ho Gayee hai!’

For some reason, there are people who agree with him and one such person happens to be once-upon-a-time Bollywood actress and television host, Bhairavi Goswami. She was seen in movies like Bheja Fry, Mr Bhatti on Chutti and Hate Story. 

But it just was not ending with RTing KRK’s tweet, she had her own take to it. She called Kriti Sanon a deranged actress who has ‘no headlight, no bumper’ and even wondered how she became an actress in the first place. Here’s her tweet…

While Kriti Sanon might either be ignorant about this or she chose to ignore her deliberately, there were other Twitter users who took to themselves to defend her.
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