Nepal's Deputy PM Gopal Man Shrestha urges India to play positive role in reducing trade deficit

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Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Gopal Man Shrestha has urged India to play a positive role in reducing growing trade deficit of the country in the present context.

He made these remarks at a programme 'Nepal-India relations in changed context' organised here on Wednesday by the Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS) and Political Science Study Association.

He said that the Nepal-India relation has been a matter of international concern.

"The two countries have strong and cordial relations due to economic and social affinities and mutual good will. Nepal has attached high importance to the bilateral dynamic relations", The Himalayan Times quoted Shrestha as saying.

He also appreciated India's continuous support to the development of physical infrastructure and socio-economic advancements in Nepal.

Shrestha said the recommendations of the objective study carried out by research institutions should be taken into account in order to further strengthen the multi-faceted relations.

Describing the bilateral relations between Nepal and India as special, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri said New Delhi has always accorded due respect to this relation. (ANI)
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