Hubhopper hits numero uno spot on both Apple and Google

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Personalised social magazine Hubhopper does the impossible by topping the national charts simultaneously on both Apple and Google.

Founded by Gautam Raj Anand, Hubhopper unites content publishers of all sizes with the consumers of varied content, under a managed interface.

Acting as a veritable playstore of content creators for users, Hubhopper serves its users bite sized content from all their favorite publishers in one place under a social ecosystem.

Saving them time, the effort of understanding different user experiences and space on their devices by bring all their content to one place.

The app aims at organising and standardising online content. Hubhopper will with the help of its users be the barometer on which content creators are assessed online.

For publishers on the other hand, hubhopper comes in as a solution at every point of their life cycle.

Spanning from content creation, user segmentation, traffic to dissemination and analytics (both internally and externally) hubhopper comes in as the savior for content publishers by opening up its own technology as a SAAS platform for them to leverage off of.

Having raised three rounds of investment so far, hubhopper has been rated the second best startup in the country and problem solver of the year by Exhibit and the Techie respectively, this Apple accelerator startup is fast positioning itself as the next startup to watch out for. (ANI)
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