Shabir Shah Confesses To Pakistan Funding, ED Seeks 7-day Custody

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The Enforcement Directorate has asked the Court on Thursday to remand Separatist leader and Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Shah for an extended period of seven days. 

In a document accessed by Republic TV, The ED has stated in the letter to the court that from the investigation it has been revealed that Shabir Shah is in continuous contact with ‘anti-national’ elements/terrorists in Pakistan in lieu with the Kashmir issue. 
The letter also stated that Shah has received hawala consignment for disrupting the peace of Jammu and Kashmir. ED has asked for the extended period to analyze the bank account details which have been obtained. 
ED have also mentioned that Shabir Shah during his statement revealed that he is receiving donations for the Kashmir issue in cash for which he isn’t filing any returns. The ED has asked the Court time for recovering those records related to the donations received. 
ED has also mentioned that the money trail for proceeds of the crime has to be ascertained during the custody remand. Further, The email records of Shabir Shah have to be analyzed and confronted with the source according to ED.

Originally published at Republic TV.
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