Banihal terror attack: Two terrorists nabbed, hunt for Aquib continues

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In a major success, the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir police, in a swift joint operation arrested Gajnafar and Arif, involved in the terrorist attack at Banihal on the SSB personnel on Wednesday. 

Two service rifles, including an AK assault rifle and an Insas rifle, which were snatched during the attack, were also recovered from their possession. The arrests came less than 48 hours after the terror attack.

Yaqub and Arif had been recruited by the inimical forces in the Kashmir valley to foment terror in the Chenab valley region. The duo, along with Aquib Wahid were involved in the terror attack wherein an SSB personnel was martyred and another critically injured.

They have been handed over to the Police and hunt for Aquib is presently on.

The arrest is a significant blow to the nefarious designs of Anti-National elements in promoting and supporting terrorism in otherwise peaceful Chenab Valley in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A search of the area and further investigations are under progress.

The police are on the lookout for Aquib of Kaskoot, the third suspected terrorist. Aquif was separated from the arrested terrorists after they carried out the attack on the SSB personnel on Wednesday night.
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