Caught on CCTV: Girls flung into air after dreadful car-bike crash, miraculously survive in Madhya Pradesh

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If you don't believe in miracles, this incident can change your thinking. Can a dreadful, horrible road accident have a happy ending? Well, it happened with the girls in Madhya Pradesh's Tikamgarh.

A CCTV footage tweeted by news agency ANI showed the three girls surviving the dramatic head-on collision.

The 16-second video showed the moment when the girls riding a bike try to overtake what looks like an SUV.

Soon, they crash with a car coming from the front. The impact of the collision was such that they flung into air.

Second later, two girls are seen getting up from the ground, while the third rider is still lying on the road.

ANI said that all three girls survived the crash.

India has a very poor road safety record. A recent report said that road accidents kill 17 people every hour in the country.
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