Facebook will now show you ads based on the stores you visit in real life

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Facebook’s ad tools are getting seriously complicated. The world's largest social network will now allow advertisers to target users, based on the shops they visit in real life, thanks to location tracking, a feature many Facebook app users have enabled. The store-tracking tool is currently available for "thousands" of businesses in many countries.

“Driving foot traffic to store locations remains a priority for marketers, and many businesses are doing this with our store visits objective. Facebook store visits reporting is an estimated metric based on information from people with location services enabled on their phone,” says Facebook. “Now, thousands of businesses across more than a dozen countries are eligible to use Facebook's store visits reporting to understand the impact of their ads on foot traffic to their stores.”

The company stated that since the launch of these tools last year, thousands of companies have used Facebook’s offline conversions tool to measure the impact of their campaigns on offline purchases, including in-store sales and phone bookings.

“Select businesses that are eligible for store visits reporting can now also create custom audiences made up of people who have recently visited their store. This feature allows businesses to re-engage in-store audiences with more relevant and compelling campaigns, as well as create lookalike audiences,” Facebook added.
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