No more Uber cabs in London: Transport authority cancels licence over security concerns

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It comes as a shocking move for US headquartered Uber, when Transport for London (TfL) decided to strip the licence for can aggregator.

Following which, the popular cab hailing service would no longer be allowed to operate on London's roads after September 30. The move would affect over 40,000 drivers.

"Uber's approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications," Transport for London (TfL) said.

In May, Uber got a temporary license from TFL.

Uber, which has the right to appeal the decision within 21 days, has issued an statement saying, "Far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies".

In London, Uber has faced criticism from unions, lawmakers and traditional black cab drivers over working conditions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he backed the decision.

"All companies in London must play by the rules and adhere to the high standards we expect - particularly when it comes to the safety of customers," he said.

"It would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is any way that this could pose a threat to Londoners' safety and security."
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