Russia Probe: Twitter has been called to meet US intelligence committees

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The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked top tech companies such as Twitter to testify about Russian interference in US politics. The company will visit Capitol Hill as part of the House and Senate investigations.

Associated Press stated that Twitter’s closed-door meetings with staff follow similar briefings from Facebook earlier this month, and the House and Senate panels have invited both tech giants, along with Google, to appear at public hearings.

Lawmakers have also concerns about the proliferation of anonymous “bots” on Twitter and their potential to spread misinformation. According to reports, there have been a few concerns that the company doesn’t move quickly enough to remove posts and isn’t able to track the original postings that were spread and retweeted. Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate intelligence panel, said Wednesday that he hopes Twitter will be forthcoming.

The company mentioned in a statement, “Twitter deeply respects the integrity of the election process, a cornerstone of all democracies, and will continue to strengthen our platform against bots and other forms of manipulation that violate our Terms of Service.”
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