Did husband murder cross-country woman biker Sana Iqbal? Victim's mother claims

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Did husband murder cross-country woman biker Sana Iqbal? Victim's mother claims

Cross country woman bike rider Sana Iqbal's mother Shaheen Khan on Wednesday, blamed Sana's husband and her in-laws for death.

Sana Iqbal, a cross-country woman motorcycle rider who had campaigned on her bike against depression and suicide, died in a car accident on Tuesday.

Sana's husband was also injured in the car crash that took place on the outskirts of Hyderabad at around 3.30 am yesterday.

However, on Wednesday, Sana's mother alleged that it was a “pre-planned murder” which her daughter's husband was trying to portray as an accident.

"I am sure that his mother was also present in the car, they both killed my daughter Sana. Abdul Nadeem (Sana's husband) has broken my daughter's hand and a leg. He allegedly also bit her ear. He did all mischief and projected it as an accident. Although, it was not an accident, we are sure that it was a murder not an accident," said Shaheen.

“Yesterday, he (Iqbal’s husband) planned it in such (a way) that...and gave it a turn as an accident. But, it was a pre-planned, well-organised and a cold-blooded murder,” Sana's mother claimed.

Talking about the incident Shaheen said, "In the midnight at 2am Nadeem forcibly took Sana with him. She was taking her son along with her but her husband refused to bring him and asked her to come alone. After going with him, he finished all in half an hour."

The police, however, maintained that it was a road accident.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Madhapur zone) Vishwa Prasad said as per the preliminary investigation, it was a road accident and they did not suspect otherwise.

“Her husband has also suffered severe injuries after their car hit the median and turned turtle,” the DCP said. He, however, added they will verify the allegations of Iqbal’s mother.

Narsingi Police Station Inspector G V Ramana Goud said 29-year-old Sana and her husband Abdul Nadeem were heading home in a car when the vehicle rammed the median on the Outer Ring Road in Tolichowki.

"Sana's husband Abdul Nadeem was driving the car. Sana, who suffered severe injuries in the mishap, was shifted to a nearby hospital but was declared brought dead. Her husband, who received injuries, is undergoing treatment," Goud said.

Goud today said as per their investigation it was an accident. He said Iqbal’s mother has complained to the police alleging it was a pre-planned murder and that they have told her and other family members to produce evidence for it.

Last month, Iqbal had sent a message from her phone to a few friends and family members purportedly saying her life was in danger and that her husband or in-laws should be held responsible in case she died of a heart attack or a brain stroke, the police official said.

“There may have been some dispute between Iqbal and her husband. The message was sent at that time and it has no connection with the road accident,” Goud said.

The Hyderabad-based rider hit the headlines a few years ago when she undertook a solo motorcycle expedition across the country to raise awareness about suicide. The focus of her campaign was to educate people, particularly students, against committing suicide.

A case, under IPC section 304A (causing death by negligence) and other relevant sections, has been registered, police said.
(With PTI inputs)
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