Doctors take out 3-inch long screw from boy’s stomach in Rajasthan

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Doctors take out 3-inch long screw from boy’s stomach in Rajasthan

Dula Ram and his wife Sharda Devi, a couple from Singhi Bas Village in Deedwana were panic-stricken after their one-year-old son Devesh swallowed a three-inch long screw while playing with it. When Dula Ram took the little one to doctors in Deedwana and Jaipur, they suggested him an open surgery as the only option to take the screw out.

But in a miracle of a sort, doctors at a hospital in the state capital Jaipur successfully took out the screw without any open surgery. Importantly, the child did not have to stay in the hospital, the process did not involve any blood loss and the expenditure for the entire process cost the family only Rs3.5 thousand.

“We took him to doctor in Deedwana and he said that it could be taken out by open surgery only. Expense for the surgery was estimated around Rs 50,000, which was difficult for me to afford,” Dula Ram told DNA.

“It was very risky, during the investigation we found that the screw was slightly bigger,” said Dr Saket Agrawal, Gastroenterologist at Narayana Hospital. “ The screw was trapped in the small intestine, at the junction slightly above the small intestine and large intestine. It could tear the intestine, leading to intestinal bleeding, which could be proved life-threatening for the kid. For this reason it was almost impossible to take it out without open surgery. But we decided to go for endoscopic technique,” Dr Saket added.

The team of doctors, with the help of telescope, angulate the screw carefully and after a two and half hour long process, successfully took out the screw from the kid’s intestine. “Holding the screw was a great challenge as it was stuck at Ileocecal Valve (a sphincter muscle valve that separates the small intestine and the large intestine). It has a high risk of internal bleeding involved as any effort to push or pull the screw could damage the inner layer of intestine,” said Dr Saket.

Devesh is completely healthy after the operation and was discharged within two hours.
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