Gangraped woman brings severed ear as proof, forces UP Police to file case

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In an incident that shows the police apathy towards rape survivors, a UP woman brought a severed ear as proof to get her FIR registered in Gonda.

According to an HT report, the woman took the extreme step after the police didn't file the case against her neighbours.

After two failed attempts, the woman allegedly chopped off the ear of her neighbour and brought it to the office of SSP.

This forced the cops to register the case. The woman alleged that four of her neighbours barged into her house in night and raped her.

The cops have now registered a case against three people, including one Ravi of Dhatauli village, for allegedly gang-raping the woman. The Gonda Police said the severed ear belonged to him.

More than 30,000 rape cases were registerd in the country last year with Delhi topping as the rape capital.

According to the NCRB 2014 report, while India recorded an increase of 65% in rape cases from 2010 (22,172) to 2014 (36,735), UP recorded an increase of 121% from 2010 (1,563) to 2014 (3,467).
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