Pakistan warns India against surgical strikes, says 'nobody should expect restraint from us'

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Reacting to Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa remarks that his force has the capability of locating, fixing and striking across the border, Pakistan' Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has warned India against carrying out a surgical strike or targeting its nuclear installations.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister made the remarks speaking at the US Institute of Peace, a Washington-based think-tank.

Stating that Pakistan wants to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours, Asif said, "If India carries out any surgical strike in Pakistan or strikes at its nuclear installations 'nobody should expect restraint from us', he warned.'

Responding to a question on India, he said, "sadly India did not respond" to Pakistani efforts to improve a relationship.

"What is going on in Kashmir is the biggest roadblock to normalisation to talks," Asif said.

Dhanoa had on Thursday said that the Indian Air Force is capable of effectively countering any threat from China and Pakistan simultaneously in a two-front war.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Army said that India posed a 'perpetual threat' to the country which has made its eastern border 'unsafe.

Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor's remarks came during a press briefing about security threats to Pakistan.

Ghafoor said Pakistan faced different kinds of challenges on the eastern and western borders due to different nature of the threat and the critical question was "whether the threat is because of a state or non-state actors".

"Threats from India (in the east) are perpetual. We are a peaceful country and we do not want war with them, but we will defend ourselves and have the capability to do so," he said.
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