Pune-based businessman books two trains, sponsors pilgrimage tour for those who can’t afford

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In a noble gesture, the Pune-based businessman booked two full trains and sponsored a week-long pilgrimage for thousands of people who can't afford it due to financial issues.

Shivdas Manohar Ubale who runs a restaurant in Wagholi are and owns a few farms, sponsored a pilgrim to Kanyakumari, Madurai and Rameswaram, reported Indian Express.

Initially, Ubale was going to book a single train, but as the number of inquiries kept increasing, he booked two trains. The two trains, carrying nearly 2,000 passengers each, left from Khadki station in Pune on August 15 and August 16.

"We had asked the pilgrims only to carry their clothes and also made the arrangements for food and accommodation," said Vasundhara Ubale.

To take care of the passengers, the couple who also accompanied the pilgrims, had appointed 50 volunteers and five doctors in each train.

“There are a lot of people who wish to visit such places but are often not able to do so due to financial constraints. Since August is the month of shravan , I wanted to do something religious this year, so I decided to organise this pilgrimage,” Ubale told the daily.

Earlier too, Ubale had sponsored the train tickets of 500 pilgrims to Varanasi.
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