'Yeh wali ladki mujhe chahiye,' said accused before molesting two women in Mumbai

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'Yeh wali ladki mujhe chahiye,' said accused before molesting two women in Mumbai

In yet another incident of sexual harassment, three men were arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly molesting two women on Juhu-Versova Link Road on Saturday night.

The incident took place when one of the women and her brother were returning home at 2:00 am from the Diwali dinner in an auto rickshaw on Saturday.

The three accused approached them and started making vulgar comments.

"Yeh wali ladki mujhe chahiye (I want this girl)," said one of the accused. The accused shouted while trying to stop the autorickshaw and groped the two women, reported Hindustan Times.

The brother tried to shake them off, however, the accused continued to chase them on a bike and yelled at the autorickshaw driver and stopped their ride.

The report said that the accused also slapped a woman and as the brother tried to stop them, they attacked him and molested the other women. One passerby tried to stop the accused, but he was also thrashed by them.

The accused identified as Adil Khan, Yogesh Shevale and Rahul Revale, residents of a slum area in Andheri (West) - have been charged with sexual harassment.

The statement of the two molested victims will be taken in few days. The Versova police have taken the blood samples of the accused to check if they were under alcohol influence when the incident took place. Police are also checking if they had any previous criminal records.
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